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8 Software Modules for Efficient Public Services Accounting

8 Software Modules for Efficient Public Services AccountingDenali’s FUND Integrated Modules Offer Organizational Peace of Mind to Local Government Agencies and Public Service Providers

Cougar Mountain Software’s Denali FUND is fully integrated, affordably priced public services accounting and financial management software designed exclusively for public service and government agencies. Denali FUND abides by Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), as mandated by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), so it’s built to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Our complete accounting package includes nine software modules that combine to form a complete accounting package for your accounting needs. And each module has unique benefits that can help you manage your organization.

General Ledgers Organize Financial Transactions

Best suited for public service providers with multiple fund ledgers, Denali FUND manages different grants with different calendar years. You can locate expenses and maintain clear audit trails. And customizable reports will ensure the right information gets to the right people in your agency.

The General Ledger module also features:

  • Three-year budget recording for financial forecasting.
  • Audit trails that track your activities and help you conform to GAAP.
  • Revenue and expense reports that compare budgets in the same place.

Payroll Tracks All Salaries, Wages, and Deductions

Denali FUND Payroll allows you to manage your biggest expense with ease. No matter how unique your needs, Denali can efficiently manage payroll processing. Plus, Denali supports standard deductions in addition to deductions like pension plans, deferred compensation plans, medical savings accounts, and dependent care benefits.

The Payroll module also features:

  • Information with user- and function-specific security.
  • Payroll expenses calculated on various projects.
  • Benefits and deductions that can be calculated in fixed amounts for health insurance, unit amounts for vacation and sick leave accrual, and percentage of gross for retirement.

Accounts Payable to Manage and Pay Bills

Denali takes the worry out of getting payables out accurately and on time. You’ll never pay a bill too early or too late. And no bill is duplicated or paid twice. Denali tracks partial payments and flags recurring bills, so you don’t have to enter them into the system more than once.

The Accounts Payable module also features:

  • Automatic cash requirement forecasting for bills due.
  • Check printing in laser or dot matrix formats.
  • An unlimited number of transactions.

Accounts Receivable to Manage What You’re Owed

Track transactions and retain a history of all charges, payments, and notes. The limits to the accounts receivable module are endless — enter as many customers and transactions as you need. Denali keeps collections, finance charges, and YTD charges and payments in one organized location.

The Accounts Receivable module also features:

  • Easy-to-understand customer statement generation.
  • Invoice comparisons to aid in customer service and troubleshooting.
  • Warning blocks to alert you when payments are past due.

Order Entry to Place and Process Purchases

The Order Entry module fully integrates with other Denali modules, (Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable), so information is always accurate and up to date. Invoices, quotes, and work orders are all in one place. Plus, this module processes sales and adjusts for sales tax based on an order’s destination.

The Order Entry module also features:

  • Customizable invoices, quotes, and work orders.
  • Comprehensive sales histories.
  • Sales tax adjustment based on destinations.

Bank Reconciliation to Track Bank Accounts and Credit Cards

Reconcile statements with checks and deposits. Denali collects all the information from other modules for faster results. Accounts Payable and payroll checks are posted to the Bank Reconciliation module. And every transaction is flagged for easy auditing. There is no limit to check history, and you’ll never max out your files.

The Bank Reconciliation module also features:

  • Checks that sort as they’re printed to simplify distribution.
  • Unlimited bank account setup for multiple banks.
  • Automatic check posting from accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll.

Purchase Order to Control the Purchase of Products and Services

Manage a purchase at every step in the buying process, from your decision to your invoice. All information posts to Accounts Payable and your General Ledger. Edit or reprint purchase orders at any time, and track details like the promised date versus the actual date and quoted cost versus actual cost.

The Purchase Order module also features:

  • Reference columns for quicks notes.
  • Streamlined bill paying and inventory tracking.
  • Optional posting of commitments and/or encumbrances.

Inventory Control to Ensure Stock is Accounted For

With tracking, pricing, and grouping options, the Inventory module meets the exact needs of your government agency. Plus, this module identifies sales trends to increase revenue and prevent lost revenue. With Denali, you can make purchasing decisions based on data.

The Inventory Control module also features:

  • Easily identifiable effects on cash flow.
  • Global price changes that select a range of stock numbers.
  • Monitor, transfer, and reorder stock to meet demand.

Job Cost to Accurately Produce Job Estimates

Organizations can improve profitability, manage projects, and ensure their accounting systems are accurate and up to date with the integrated Denali Job Costing solution.

The Job Cost module also features:

  • Estimate jobs by using customizable templates
  • Phase templates and reporting
  • Track change orders for both estimates and in-progress jobs

Cougar Mountain Software is committed to the success of your government agency or public service organization, which is why all of our products and their modules come with expert training and toll-free technical support. Your Software Assurance subscription ensures you’ll always have access to our online customer service center, where you’ll find valuable content, answers to frequently asked questions, and the latest resources on effective government or public service accounting.

Ready to see what Denali can do for you?

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