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Announcing the Release of Denali 6 With Job Cost

jc-releasebadgeWe have been working on something big, and it’s finally here. The release of the Denali 6 with Job Cost. This release features two significant additions, Job Cost and AvaTax, along with several upgrades.

Denali now includes the Job Cost module!

The Job Cost module improves profitability, increases control, and creates satisfied customers by allowing you to track and manage all phases of your jobs from planning to completion. enter cost activity, generate purchase orders, transfer finished goods to inventory, enter vendor bills and invoice customers.

Denali 6 also includes the integration of Avalara’s AvaTax™ . Using AvaTax eliminates the hassle and worry of sales tax calculations. Avatax will automatically calculate sales tax based on location, customer type, and item type that is accurately added to your invoice. The cloud-based service will instantly calculate the tax amount for you through your Internet connection.

There are many more features and upgrades with this latest release, so be sure to check them out and upgrade to take advantage of these great tools for your business!

There are three important notes regarding this release:

  1. Denali 6 will require new serial numbers to activate. Your serial numbers will be sent to you via USPS. Look for the green tag in your Denali 6 Package.
  2. Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 operating systems will no longer be supported.
  3. Before you install this version, uninstall any previous versions of Denali you have on your system.

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