Denali Unveils Innovative Features for Medical Equipment Rental

Medical Equipment Rental / Leasing

Track Inventory and Pay Multiple Payees From One Program

Being in the medical equipment rental industry presents two unique challenges: inventory tracking and paying out multiple recipients (or third-party billing). To turn those challenges into strengths, we’ve unveiled these features in our Denali accounting software. Whether your company works with local hospitals, patients in home care, or both, if you rent out of your inventory and have multiple payees, Denali will work for you.

Inventory Tracking Made Easy

You already love Denali for its accounting capabilities. But now it’s ready to tackle your inventory. No matter the size or depth of your inventory, when you loan out equipment, you need to keep track of a few things. Not only do you need to know where an item is but each item’s loan history too. That includes where you bought a piece of equipment, not to mention its price, serial or lot number, and its overall condition.

After an item leaves your inventory, you need to keep track of who has it, who’s paying the rental fees, when it was rented out, and when it’s due back. That’s a lot to handle in a paper ledger, or worse, a digital ledger separate from your accounting software.

Inventory tracking with Denali keeps all this information, and more, in one convenient location.

Items don’t have to leave your inventory when they’re loaned out. With Denali, you’ll always know the state of your medical equipment inventory. Plus, you can manage the full life cycle of a piece of equipment — noting when it’s time to retire or sell it.

Bill Multiple Recipients and Save on Time

As you know, the patient who needs your equipment isn’t always the person who pays for it. In many cases, equipment is covered by insurance or Medicaid, on behalf of the patient. This creates the need for third-party billing. But there’s no need to consult a third-party program. Denali takes care of it for you! Denali tracks invoices and payments, so you don’t have to.

Denali Is the Complete Solution

The success of your medical equipment rental is only as good as the success of your accounting software. Without key features like inventory tracking and third-party billing, you’re selling yourself short. When we discovered these features weren’t inherent to other accounting software “solutions,” we knew what Denali needed.

We’re proud to say Cougar Mountain Software provides what other software companies don’t. Denali was designed to meet the needs of customers within a number of industries. Pound for pound, Denali delivers. Ready to get started?

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