Imagine if the Accountant were the Main Character

bsd-distr-blogimageMary works at West Boise Sewer District.

Hired as an office manager in 2012, her responsibilities span bookkeeping, inventory, scheduling, inter-office diplomacy, customer service, reporting to the board, and software maintenance.

She is warm, wry, and the epitome of “high-functioning”. Having worked as an accountant (at a bank, light-manufacturing company and nonprofit), as an auditor (for both the IRS and an independent nonprofit), and as a controller for a national nonprofit, her credentials are significant.

So when Mary says she labored through the first two years at West Boise Sewer District (WBSD) it should be noted that her own skill wasn’t what was deficient.

The accounting software WBSD was working with in 2012 harkened back to the ancient DOS operating systems where the mouse is superfluous, and navigation only possible with arrow keys.

Poor organization, insufficient report protocols, and rigid programming within ALL modules (and particularly Payroll when managing employee scenarios like 401(k)s, multiple lead types, healthcare deductions, etc.) led to hours of extra work and frustration. The software couldn’t intuitively reconcile WBSD’s books with the bank – so much was left to manual entry and tedious circumventing to accomplish simple objectives.

After two years, the last few months of which were spent researching and comparing alternative accounting software options, Mary placed WBSD’s accounts under the care of Cougar Mountain Software’s DENALI… as well as her own accounting expertise.

Cougar Mountain Software worked with Mary to customize a platform specific to WBSD’s needs. Originally chosen for it’s familiar UI (user interface) and competitive price, DENALI also proved to be easily integrable with third-party services. Now Mary can depend on Aatrix to prepare, print, and file payroll forms – including W-2s and 1099s – without losing DENALI’s comprehensive record keeping or tamper-proof audit trail.

Before the switch, Mary was the only employee that was fluent in the software. Nothing was intuitive and when she encountered program limitations, the customer support often left her feeling less than supported. One can see visible relief as she leans back and says, “Now if I have a question I just call [Cougar Mountain Software] and get an answer.”

Imagine that.

DENALI’s cleverly designed reports are generated for easy review by auditors; and easy access by Mary and her team.

All Cougar Mountain Software products are virus and hack resistant thanks to on-premises software docking that limits contact with the Wild Wild Web.

West Boise Sewer District was established in 1976. They are responsible for the safe and constant movement of material through 66.75 miles of pipe. Their vigilant efforts enable the uninterrupted consumer traffic of 47 various restaurants, 68 retail stores (including the Boise TownSquare Mall), 55 hospitals, doctors offices, and clinics, 140 office buildings, and 15 daycare centers. Not to mention over 5,500 private residences.

Those numbers, miles, invoices, gallons of water, and equipment-repairs can add up. Thanks to Cougar Mountain Software’s DENALI Accounting Software, they all add up correctly.

Be an accountant. Like Mary.

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