Some 40 percent of business owners surveyed in 2015 by the nonprofit SCORE said it’s their least favorite part of owning a business. That makes sense. You want to run your business, not spend 80-plus hours a year on bookkeeping and taxes. The right accounting software puts everything you need for efficient financial management and bookkeeping at your fingertips.

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Top 5 Security Features for Public Service AccountingThis week, Target announced that its 2013 data breach had been resolved for $18.5 million. That breach involved access to consumer data for over 110 million Target customers. Public service accountants should take notice. Whether you work with a school district, a fire department, police department, or any other public service entity, you will access and be responsible for sensitive data. Cougar Mountain Software’s DENALI allows you to breathe easy because its accounting solution solves common public service accounting security challenges with these five enhanced security features:

Third-Party BillingHave you ever noticed the eye roll when you ask for a split check at a restaurant? You’re having a great time with your friends and the wait staff is doing a great job, and when you ask to split the check the server’s demeanor instantly goes icy. It’s because split checks are a hassle. But split checks are part of doing business, any business. Beyond the restaurant world, third-party billing and split payments are a headache every accountant faces whether it’s between providers and insurers in the medical profession, or multiple donors in the nonprofit sector. Virtually every business will confront a third-party billing or split payment inquiry at some point. Denali and Denali Fund accounting software make it easy to answer those requests with an enthusiastic “YES!”

Denali offers a one-of-a-kind solution to the third-party billing and payment dilemma that is unmatched by other accounting software providers. In today’s business world, third-party billing and split payment capabilities are non-negotiable items for accountants—they are simply a way of life! Cougar Mountain Software’s Denali allows users to intuitively split billings and payments, and then reconcile them without creating headaches. In fact, third-party billing and split payments in Denali and Denali Fund are as simple as adding a payer and assigning them to the billing item. One of accounting’s perpetual puzzles is easily solved by deploying Denali or Denali Fund within your organization.

5 Essentials for Nonprofit AccountingAccording to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, nonprofits account for 5.3% of the GDP. That equals more than 1.5 million organizations accounting for 9.2% of all wages and salaries paid in the United States. That many organizations, all handling money on a daily basis, require a powerful accounting software solution. Denali FUND from Cougar Mountain Software is designed to handle the breadth of these organizations from the smallest to the largest, as well as the complexity of each organization’s individual finances.

Nonprofit accounting requires flexibility and customization. Nothing captures the essentials of nonprofit accounting agility like Cougar Mountain Software’s Denali FUND. Denali FUND offers modular flexibility, breakout budgets, a secure audit trail, individual user tracking, and customized reporting. Putting these essentials to work with Denali FUND will solve your nonprofit accounting challenges in an accessible and tailored format.

Cougar Mountain Software has been in business for close to 35 years. We’ve witnessed the transition from DOS to DB-based logic to SQL, and provided innovative robust solutions at every turn. Our tight-knit company attracts and maintains an accomplished staff of technical programmers, software engineers, UX/UI researchers, and accounting experts. Unlike software that predominantly invests in their front-facing UI façade or (at the other end of the spectrum) incomprehensible FTP programs designed for the HTML-literate, Cougar Mountain Software has spent decades making our products powerful AND intuitive. We make accountant’s accounting software. Think robust, nuanced, and highly customizable accounting solutions that can serve a 50-person accounting department as easily as a 5-employee business.

In an effort to entice some of our oldest and most loyal customers to try our flagship software, Denali, we have conducted dozens of interviews with users who have already made the switch. Following is the first of a collection of case studies in which we’ve done our best to curate and condense the most relatable stories, commonly shared concerns, and galvanizing advice for CMS Pro (as well as DOS) purists.

Tone At The Top - Culture of IntegrityInternal controls are the necessary rules, technology, and structure that help catch honest errors and dishonest acts. These safeguards represent a much broader financial stewardship than simple fraud prevention. When well deployed, maintained, and enforced, these controls assure an organization will achieve its mission and its goals. In this post, we’ll be exploring the third and last component of truly effective internal controls: a culture of integrity (A.K.A. the ultimate success story).

If you missed the series finale on this subject you can catch up HERE, otherwise, skim the following post-op for a synopsis of the issues at play.

Cougar Mountain Software develops leading on-premises accounting solutions. Our hallmark software, DENALI, is specifically designed to scale to clients’ needs while maintaining an unbreakable audit trail.