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Fraud Prevention Webinar Series

Cougar Mountain Software presents this five-part series on how your organization can protect itself against fraud.

Presented by Forensic Accountant:
Denise McClure CPA, CFE
President of Averti Solutions
in collaboration with Cougar Mountain Software, developer of the nonprofit-tailored accounting solution, Denali FUND

5 Part Fraud Protection Webinar Series

1 – Fraud Protection

Is your organization exposed to fraud?

Many organizations never suspect first-time offenders until after they act. Nonprofit organizations are particularly vulnerable to fraud. It puts the organization’s stability at risk, and more importantly the staff at risk of being caught in the fallout.

2 – Fraud Deterrence

Are you doing all you can to deter fraud within your organization?

To deter someone from fraud, organizations need to establish financial oversight such that the aspiring fraudster sees minimal opportunity – or an uncomfortable probability of being caught – if they try to solve their problems with your money.

3 – Culture of Integrity

Building a Culture of Integrity within Your Organization

Responsible leadership protects more than just the mission of your organization, and furthers more than smart business practices; a culture of integrity protects your staff, volunteers, executive directors, and board of directors.

4 – Internal Controls

Using Internal Controls to Stop Fraud

Cougar Mountain Software explains how to set up the internal controls using Denali accounting application to minimize the risk of fraud within your organization. Our system expert will show how to set up user security to manage account access, as well as how to perform your own audit within the system. Presented by Jeremy Bistline, senior trainer.

5 – External Controls

How to “Lock Down” Your Software to Stop Fraud

Learn how to “lock down” your database, set your firewall, and password security. Know the external controls needed to protect your accounting system so that fraudsters and hackers do not access your accounting system data. Presented by Jeremy Bistline, senior trainer.

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