Some words of praise from our customers…

”I began using the software from Cougar Mountain Software in the early 1990’s. I had previously used software from two other companies with the first being too skimpy on reports, and the second developed a major glitch. The initial set up with Cougar Mountain Software was easy, and once the system was up and running, I was thrilled with the results and the detailed reports. I have used and upgraded the software various times, and to this day I’m still extremely happy and quite content. Due to the detailed reports the software is able to produce, we have been able to substantially keep our CPA fees to a minimum. We also use corresponding checks from Cougar Mountain Software for our Accounts Payable and Payroll transactions due to the ease of ordering, consistency, and fast shipping.”

– Jean N with Neale Marine Transportation.

“We are a small electrical repair company and have been using Cougar Mountain since the mid- 90’s. Once we upgraded to the Windows version, we found that CM included more options to fit our needs. We have been able to tailor the modules we use in CM to fit with our accounting practices instead of having to tailor our accounting practices to fit CM. Due to the number of years we have used CM Accounting Software, I feel a Very Good rating is appropriate since it has mostly met our needs. ”

– Kelli S.

“I’ve been using Denali for almost 2 years now. It’s an excellent product. Does Cougar Mountain do an excellent job helping you work around bugs until they fix them? (usually in the VERY next update). Yes, they do. It’s true, they charge a bit for phone support, but I challenge you to find a software company that doesn’t! It’s like the movie theaters. They don’t make any money on the ticket they sold you , in hopes you buy some of their food. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you can get your accounting done because Denali will help you get it done quickly and accurately.”

– Aaron P.

“Our service company has been with CMS for many years and we have been pleased. The change from Pro to Denali was necessary because of computer upgrades. It was an easy enough change although Denali is missing a few features I liked. I have attended an on-the-road training seminar which was very informative. Tech support is expensive but they always have solved my issue. I recommend Cougar Mountain Software.”

– Leigh A.

“Very helpful in setting up what we needed. Our payroll needed very specific fields and they were able to do what we needed.”

– Tiffany E.

“The support and training staff are awesome. They are always quick to help me and teach me how to use the software and fix things correctly. I would recommend them to anyone wanting a good accounting system.”

– Teresa F.

“Accurate, easy to use. I used Cougar Mountain Software for 15 years, changed briefly to software that catered to our State reporting. I switched back to Cougar Mountain and I feel like I have a product I can rely on. LOVE IT.”

– Lezah S. Genesee JT. School District.

“We have been using this software for about 6 months now. Thus far it has proven to be great software and is very user friendly. Customer support is very professional and knowledgeable.”

– Premier Importers.

“Cougar Mountain is very user friendly and has the best tech assistance around.”

– Jamie B.

“We are a large (not mega) church and we began using Cougar Mountain for Non Profits as of January 1st, 2015. It is perfect for our fund accounting setup and makes it so easy to track how much is in each fund. We have found most of the program to be fairly simple to use and the training to be very helpful and thorough. Customer service has been responsive and caring.”

– Laurie D.

“Very cost-effective yet plenty of features. Compares well to BS&A and other larger fund accounting systems and much better than QuickBooks®. Their customer support is always top notch. I highly recommend it for smaller municipalities who want all the features of a sophisticated fund accounting system at a reasonable cost.”

– Kim T. from Lawrence Township

“Have been a user of their POS software for nearly 20 years. It’s well thought out and a comprehensive system that is flexible and covers all our accounting and payroll needs.”

– Tom F.

“I’m currently using the Denali software, having transitioned over from Cougar Mountain Pro. I am 66 years old, and do not possess all the technical skills of todays youth. Having said that, I learned Cougar Mountain Software 25+ years ago. (When DOS based was the norm!) Cougar Mountain Pro was easy to learn and work with. The program writers did a great job with the transitioning into Denali.

The software is easy to access, understand and maneuver through. The modules were well thought out and set up. It gives me what I need for our accountant and more so. I’m an extremely cautious person that doesn’t go outside the box of what is comfortable for me. For that reason, I “always” purchase and rely on the support contract package offered. Its worth every penny! From the girls that take your support request, to the installers of new updates, the specialist dealing with customized report needs and I cannot forget or say enough good about the technical personnel! With 25 years of working with Cougar Mountain, I can honestly say the customer service representatives are outstanding! Everyone is courteous, knowledgeable and focused. In the fast paced world we are in and everyone needing help “now”, the turn around time from call to help is minimal. Everyone at Cougar Mountain is so dedicated to helping you solve your issue! I am ever so grateful for their support team!“

– Sharon S, Adirondack Leather Inc.

“We use Cougar Mountain Software to process our nationwide payroll clients for the past year and absolutely love the ease of use and speed this software has given us. Truly kicks butt over any Sage product out there. We are a client for life!”

– Mark R.

“Our company has been processing payroll through Cougar Mountain Software for almost 20 years. When we had to upgrade to Denali last year, we were hesitant, but reviewed other payroll options and felt staying with Cougar Mountain Software was right for us…they are continually updating the reports and missing details that Cougar Mountain Professional already had established…

When our computer crashed in April, I had the correct and complete backups to have Cougar Mountain Software restore all my companies with ease! Once I purchased support time, their technical support department was fabulous and didn’t make me feel like a complete idiot. They were quick to respond to my needs and great to follow up or answer a quick question when I had one.”

– Melissa H.

“Cougar Mountain (Denali) saved us thousands of dollars in switching from Quickbooks®. Training has been thorough and designed for our level of comprehension. I highly recommend the accounting software over Quickbooks.”

– Tom F.

“When a customer needs something, Denali lets us look back to their previous orders and quickly identify a part or product. Every time I call up the team, they know who I am. I don’t know if it’s because I call them too much, or they’re just an awesome team, but they have never said ‘no’ to me. We’re using Denali to analyze where we’re going to be in a few months. We look at sales, growth rate, and financial forecasting. We ask ‘What are our inventory levels going to be in a month? Do we have enough cash in the bank to support the payroll right now? We can control the fonts, layout, look, and feel of invoices. Billing is really easy too. It makes it quick and easy to look at accounts receivable and our overall financial health. I feel like Cougar Mountain’s team understands what it’s like to be a small business. It’s like they are saying, ‘Hey, you’ve got a business to run and you can’t wait till next week.’ I like that.”

– Kevin, All Star Specialties.

“I just love the fact that it is user friendly. It doesn’t take long to train someone on the system. The quicker you can train someone the better.”

– Pam, Compressed Air and Equipment.

“When we used to work with customers they would look at the invoice and say, ‘this is a $10 item, and you’re billing me for seven line items?’ Now it’s not as confusing because Cougar Mountain lets us group these things together into one inventory item so it sees just one thing.”

– Dan, Farmer’s Trophies & Engraving.

“I have a higher level of trust with Cougar Mountain Software than I do with other “global” software companies. They understand the culture of Idaho and our way of doing business.”

– Bud, Idaho Equipment and Sheet Metal.

“The payroll system is so much quicker and more intuitive, the screens more beautiful, easier to read. I can transfer the hours and overtime without manually re-entering all the hours every week. Now it’s automatic. We have a thousand employees in over 53 stores, with two departments to every location, hourly and management. Since it is the fast food industry, we take on 20 to 30 new employees every pay period. We’re also processing payroll in five states. We pretty much have every scenario in payroll that you can have. This is really clean and efficient! This is exactly what we were looking for. Once you learn how Denali works, it’s easy to keep up with all the states. Their matrix keeps tax codes up to date, so the different laws are never an issue. You can have each state assigned, or more than one state assigned, and with Denali you just have to click one button and it updates every single tax table.”

– Jimmie, Beavers Inc.

“We balance our checks and accounts every month because our whole financial touchstone is our checking account. It was always kind of a pain, but now it’s definitely doable.” [ On upgrading from CMS pro to Denali] “I was surprised at how well it went. It was all pretty seamless. There were some questions at first, like the way it handled tips, but the upgrade included technical support, and they helped me make it through the transition.”

– John, Noah’s Restaurant

“Denali is a fantastic, user-friendly, intuitive, robust, and very stable product. We are a government non-profit with several million in annual budget, 26 funds and 18 bank accounts. I’ve used everything in my career from Quickbooks to Peachtree, from MAS 90- to Dynamics and even SAP. This program has the “big box” control and audit trail features we need to be in compliance, with the ease of Quickbooks®. The pricing is very good for what you get! We’ve had very few issues in the 4 years we’ve been using it. When an issue arises, their customer support is fast, friendly and efficient. No, I’m not being paid to say this, it’s true!”

– Steven, Victor Valley Transit Authority

“There is a complete audit trail. It can never be deleted off the books. If there’s ever any question, just by looking at it, you can see what actually transpired.”

– Evelyn, Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

“We started looking for something more user friendly and more scaled-back. But I was looking for a bicycle, and they were all trying to sell me a Porsche. Then we found Cougar Mountain Software, which does everything I need. It also does a lot more that I don’t need it to, but it doesn’t feel cumbersome when you use it. Denali Fund had that option, whereas, for instance, QuickBooks® could make it work, but it really wasn’t built for it.”

– Laura, The American Legion Minnesota Department

“I have been using Cougar Mountain software for 13+ years and never utilized it to it’s full potential. Now I am doing things to keep the system running smoothly and reports that I did not know about. Kevin taught us the 4 B’s which helps when errors occur RE-BOOT, RE-INDEX, RE-CALCULATE, RE-STORE AND THIS WORKS. He was the most interesting and laid back teacher and answered all questions without talking over my head.”

– Patricia, Hardware Bolts & Tools Co

“I really enjoyed the training workshop this week. I don’t think I have ever learned so much information from one seminar. You made learning fun and exciting. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with you this week you taught us so much and show us so many things that we should be doing that we have not been doing that will make our lives so much easier.”

– Michelle, Christian Mission Center

“I learned so much in the Road Show, more than I even thought existed. Kevin was a great instructor and kept the whole class alert and laughing. “Road Show Attendee – Sonia, Maritime Helicopters, Inc.” My experience at the Cougar Mountain Software Road Show was extremely positive. Kevin has always been knowledgeable about the product and is very supportive.”

– Evelyn, Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

“This software is out of this world. It’s so easy to use. I fell in love with it the first time I used it”

– William, All’s Well Home

“We have gone live with our (Denali Fund) system and have performed a number of Order Entry and Accounts Payable transactions. So far, everything is working perfectly! Everyone here that is using the program is surprised at how easy it is to use. So we are very happy. Just wanted to thank you and the rest of the team there for a successful launch. Tech support has been phenomenal!!”

– Steven, Victor Valley Transit Authority

“The more I learn about this software the more I love it. It has the ability to track multiple projects, multiple funds, multiple bank accounts, and make sure everything balances out in the end. One other thing that really sold me on the product was the level of service and attention I received. I was surprised that many of the other software agencies were hard to get a hold of, reluctant to set up demonstrations, and didn’t even act like they wanted our business. In these tough economic times, I was assuming there would be a line out my door of software vendors trying to get our business!! I found the people at Cougar Mountain available, receptive and very diligent about answering all my questions.”

– New Customer, Southern California

“Cougar Mountain is the comprehensive, professional software I was looking for to assist me in my daily efforts. Working in the accounting industry, I have the opportunity to test a lot of the accounting packages on the market due to each customer having their own accounting software. If it were my choice I would not use any other software.”

– Marie, Meade Accounting Service

“The flexibility and options this software has that other software companies do not is found in the automation. It makes spending more time away from the office a reality. At Laboratory Specialists we plan on sticking with Cougar Mountain Software for a long time because of the automation, flexibility, and time-saving features it offered our team.”

– Dennis, Laboratory Specialists

“We often speak with technical and product support teams, but never have we experienced the commitment to quality, expertise and experience, and graciousness that your team presented. A manager contacted me the next day to verify that our issue had been solved. Words do not do justice to the total satisfaction we experienced each step of the way in this process.”

– Donna, Custom Computer Creations

“I have been supporting networks and computers for quite a while and I generally don’t like dealing with accounting software. But your customer support person’s professional attitude, efficiency and good humor made the time fly by. Usually time spent on the phone with a support tech is tedious at best but that wasn’t the case. They know your product very well and were able to answer all of my nit-picky questions.”

– Walt, Information Systems Manager

Cougar Mountain Software develops leading on-premises accounting solutions. Our hallmark software, DENALI, is specifically designed to scale to clients’ needs while maintaining an unbreakable audit trail.